About Our Studio and Workshop

Ever DesignWorks moved to Saxonville Mills in the historic village of Saxonville MA located in MetroWest Boston in 2013.  This old industrial complex now houses 80 creative businesses ranging from woodworking, ceramics, Asian arts, photography, fine artists’ studios, artwork framers, upholstery, fashion and gourmet food distribution, to name just a few.  


The Mills once ran on water power from the adjacent Sudbury River during the industrial Revolution in the US.  Ever DesignWorks draws from the steady flow of materials destined for the landfill and coverts them to functional pieces using environmentally sound methods.  Much like the handsome industrial character of the Saxonville Mills buildings, our product line combines informal and sturdy design with originality and pleasing combinations of color and materials.


Our 8,000 SF space includes a 3,700 SF showroom, office space overlooking a large solar PV array, as well as 4,300 SF woodworkingshop shop and storage space.  


While we can ship some pieces to continental USA, local pickup and delivery is preferred and easy using our commercial loading dock.  

Our Team
Herb Everett

Herb lives his dreams bringing inventions from ideas to finished product.  His design studio and woodshop named Ever DesignWorks draws from Herb’s extensive design and hands on experience as well as his wife Gina's eye for unique new products. 


In addition to mastering all types of carpentry and high-end cabinet installations, Herb has a professional degree in architecture from the BAC in Boston MA, and realized he has talent in the arts, especially sculpture. 


While practicing architecture in well known Boston architectural firms on large public projects, Herb was amongst a small group in the early 1990’s who pioneered 3D computer modeling for complex building projects. 


Herb works with his wife Gina to imagine new devices and uses for new and reclaimed wood, drawing them up, and building them in their fully equipped woodworking shop.  

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