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Bookcase and Shelving Shop


All bookcases and shelving units shown utilize the geometry of the solar pallet.  The shelves are support by the blocks and brackets and hook around the side vertical "runners".   These projecting shelves make great display space because they allow viewing from both sides and the front.  


We make shelves from particle board and flake board or OSB (oriented strand board).  Rather than throw away sawdust and wood shavings, wood products factories glue and press the waste particles together to make these pleasing textured sheet materials.  


For a pleasing feel and safety for children, we round all corners of the pallet structure and shelves.  All surfaces are sanded smooth.  A variety of finishes are available.  See COLOR WHEELS GLASS for more details. 


With proper support from other units or other furniture, these shelving units can act as roomdividers.  See 3D ROOM DIVIDERS for more possibilities.  

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