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3 Dimensional Space Making Panels Shop


These hefty panels are the whole pallet that enabled 18 large solar electric panels to be delivered intact to the installation site.  Standard panels are 44” wide x 80" tall and 5.5”.  We give each panel a "going-over" to transform them from rugged utility to casual industrial furniture grade.   All wood panel parts are plywood that resembles high Baltic Birch or Russian Birch plywood.  The many fine layers of the boards' edges are interesting by themselves thus making tedious edge banding unnecessary.   Panels can be connected together with various types of optional hinges.


The original structure of the pallet provides stability that makes it very useful as for temporary interior walls with integrated storage built in.  See BOOKCASES and SHELVING for many examples of how various sizes and shapes shelves are easily added to the original pallet panel.  Panels with shelving can be combined with simple pallet panels to allow a wide range of free standing configurations. 


Each panel is about 85% solid wood and 15% open space.  You can easily add translucent fabric curtains with rods attached directly to the wood panels.  This combination of fabric over a wood grid creates various levels of visual separation.  


In addition, the wood room dividing panels also allow for mounting artwork, other display materials, and even lighting.  This makes them ideal for any interior space in need of more interior wall space.  Open offices can be easily be reconfigured to effectively define special event space.  Meeting halls can be arranged to provide various functional space for large gatherings such as a wedding or small trade show. 


Combined with other furniture for stability such as other shelving units and tables, the room dividing panels can be arranged to make free standing flat walls. Keep a lookout for our upcoming blogs discussing this wall panel system. 


We will be adding optional components and fittings such as top and bottom trim and fittings that integrate with the panel geometry.

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