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Room Divider panel 2 Runners
  • Room Divider panel 2 Runners

    Panel made from a full reclaimed wood pallet.  Most parts of the panel are 3/4" thick and made of thin layered plywood similar to Baltic Birch.  These thicker panels have the 2 outer original "runners" which allow you to install shelving within the room divider system.  See the SHELVING section for various shelf options.  Shelves kits are sold separately to allow for maximum flexibility.  Images show single panel.  Images coming soon with examples how various panels can be combined.
    Panels are about 85% wood and 15% opening between boards.  Like traditional Japanese shoji screens, when hinged and arranged in zig zag pattern the panels are free standing.  Lower heights also available at 62" and 43".
    Standard dimensions: 44" wide x 80" height x 5 1/2" thick.
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