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Shoji Screen Flat Wood Panels Shop


We give each panel a "going-over" to transform them from rugged utility to casual industrial furniture grade.  All parts are plywood similar to high grade Baltic Birch or Russian Birch plywood.  The many fine layers of the boards' edges are interesting by themselves thus making edge banding unnecessary and thus more economical. 


When connected with hinges, panel become free standing using a Zig-zag layout.  These screens are a flatter and lighter version of the other shoji screens offered in this collection and will fold flat for ease of storage.  Combined with other furniture to provide stability, the room dividing panels can be arranged to make flat walls. 


Standard panels are 79" tall and 1.5" thick.  Alternative widths include 14", 19", 24", 29", 34", and 39".  The shoji screen kits are available in any number of panels. 


Each panel is about 80% solid.  Easily add translucent fabric curtains with lightweight rods attached directly to the wood panels.  This combination of fabric over wood screening creates various levels of visual privacy, as well as control of lighting between spaces. 


In addition, the panels allow for mounting artwork, other display materials, and even lighting.  This makes them ideal for any interior space in need of more interior wall and display space.  Check back soon for more info showing combinations of panel and furniture. 


We will be adding optional extra components such as top and bottom trim and fittings that integrate with the panel geometry.

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