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Design Services

Architectural Design

 Our building design services start with a very good understanding of your goals, as well as your existing space and the surrounding environment. 


We present alternative solutions that are both creative and cost effective while reflecting how you want to enjoy your completed project. 


Extensive portfolio coming soon...


Product Design

We are always watching for problems to solve in an elegant manner. 


What’s bugging you in your home or work environment?  Let us know about your storage issues.  What spaces in your world need an unusual furniture piece? 


We like to promote furniture made with rescued materials of all types, but we also develop products that have new materials.  



for many pieces using the material

<< shown in this image.


Since 1991, we have been making design ideas far more understandable using 3D computer modeling.  This leads to refinement that helps assure satisfaction in the final product. 


Example: We are fully behind alternative energy.  And wouldn’t it be great if visible solar panels were arranged on rooftops to work with the existing structure rather than looking random and unplanned?  In addition to accurate sun/shadow studies, we can quickly and efficiently show alternative photorealistic views (with accurate perspective) of proposed designs on actual photos of the site.

Website Design

We have gotten a very good grasp of website design over the last 5 years.  While we are not programmers nor SEO experts, we can help you get a very pleasing and effective website online for less cost than most website designers. 


The site would be easily and fully editable for you to maintain as your content varies over time.

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