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Color and Glass.... Gone Mobile 

Choose from these components to complete your customized piece.

Top off your table with a beautiful piece of glass

We provide many options but they all include these features:

  • Tempered for safety and durability

  • Beautiful edges with rounding at the corners for child safety

We offer table top glass in 3/8” and 1/2"  thicknesses.  Glass types include:

  • clear, the most common and economical

  • low-iron, "white edge" super clear with very little tint- especially noticeable at the edges

  • textures and patterns-  a wide variety including acid wash

Colors, Stains, and Finishes

So far our favorite wood colors and finishes include:

Dark chocolate   Our recipe of Black stain with golden oil or urethane to bring out the natural color of wood as accents.  Often used on the structural frame.  Great with honey shelves.

Honey stained Shelves.  Golden colors to bring out wood texture from flake board, OSB, and particle board.

Pewter - a neutral medium gray with a metallic sheen which works well with just about any other colors, hardware or glass. 

Jacobean stain on the pallet frame.   Goes great with honey shelves.


Photos coming soon...

And what about glass mirror tops?  

Mirror table tops are 1/4" thick clear safety glass in the Pencil, Flat, and Beveled edge profiles shown.  

Glass Edge Detailing

Four edge profiles we recommend:

  • Flat edge-  the most economical yet very smart finish.  So well polished you can recognize people when looking through the entire piece edgewise.

  • Pencil-  satin polish, rounded to eliminate corners, most durable and resistant to chipping, best where direct physical contact will be common

  • Ogee-  sculptural, brightly polished double curved edge

  • Beveled polished-  available in a range of widths and slopes.  


Note: New images coming soon that show the edge profiles with the rounded corners which we recommend. 

Industrial and Rustic Casters

This collection of medium-heavy duty casters comes from a wide range of industrial applications.  Wheel diameters:  4", 5", 6" and 8".  

  • Most coffee tables here look best with 5" dia wheels, treads widths are 2"

  • Compact coffee tables look great with 4" dia wheels, treads are 2" and 1 1/4".

  • Larger heavy duty rolling platforms and carts handle easiest with 6" dia wheels, 2" treads

  • We can also supply heavy duty industrial strength 8" dia wheels with 2" and 3" treads for a custom project.  Contact us for more info.


<< Gallery images show:
  • 4" blue urethane on polyolefin,  

  • 4" and 5" red urethane on cast iron,

  • 5" black v-groove cast iron,

  • 4" and 5" silver cast iron with spokes,

  • 5" green urethane on aluminum, and

  • 6" black phenolic.   

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