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Coffee table with cool casters 2 x 2 style
  • Coffee table with cool casters 2 x 2 style

    This large handsome coffee table has the features of the other tables but with high quality industrial casters to make relocating it easy.  Table is made from large sturdy reclaimed wood pallets rescued from solar installations in our area.  The many configurations will hold glass below as well to create 2 shelves below the top.  This version of the 2 x 2 style is shown with a glass top but can also be used with no glass on top since the top surface is 80% solid wood.  The design allows easy access to below from all sides.  With the optional shelf inserts, the low shelf can be made a flush surface.   
    Dimensions are approximately 44 1/4" wide x 42 1/2" wide x 18" height.
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