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Mobile 2x2 Coffee Table
  • Mobile 2x2 Coffee Table

    With these cool casters, you can easily roll your coffee table against your couch.  Pull out a nice cushion from the low shelf and you have a double wide ottoman.  Aside from the feet, these tables have all the same wood body, top surface, and finishing options as the 2x2 Block Feet tables.  Wood body shown has a middle glass shelf.  Glass is an optional extra.  See SPICY INGREDIENTS- GLASS for more details.  Images for 2x2 size coming very soon...
    We recommend any of our 4" and 5" wheel casters.  Silver color cast iron wheels shown in renderings.  See SPICY INGREDIENTS- CASTERS for more caster details.
    Dimensions:  42" wide x 44 1/4" long x 17"-19" height
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